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4 Secrets to Find Cheap Kitchen Cabinets in Mesa AZ

Remodeling or renovating a kitchen comes with a hefty price tag. That is if you opt for the traditional, full on, design–to–installation service. Luckily, the following 4 secrets to find cheap kitchen cabinets in Mesa AZ, will help you slash the final bill and end up with the kitchen you envisioned.


1. Cheap to Free Cabinets

When homeowners renovate or remodel their kitchen, one of the things they have to figure out is what to do with their old cabinets. Many times, those old cabinets end up somewhere in a landfill. If you watch Craigslist like a hawk, you may find homeowners who are getting rid of their old kitchen cabinets. You may have to remove the cabinets yourself, but hey, they are cheap or free. 

The trick to scoring Craigslist cabinets is to reply fast to the ad, and be ready to haul the cabinets out as quickly as possible. People who post their kitchen cabinets on Craigslist want them gone a.s.a.p., and they wait for no one.


2. Ready–To–Assemble Cabinets

Thanks to the internet you can buy almost anything online. Ready–To–Assemble cabinets are no exception. These types of cabinets are shipped flat–packed, and you assemble them yourself. Most assembly systems are easy to follow, and do not require much more than a screw driver. The drawback is the cost of shipping. You can avoid this by buying ready–to–assemble cabinets from retailers like Ikea. Keep in mind that cabinets from Ikea will be made of particle board rather than solid wood.

3.  Costco

If you absolutely must have all wood cabinets, and would like to save a couple of bucks, Costco is a great alternative. Known for their excellent prices on many items, Costco does offer quality products with considerable savings to your wallet. When it comes to cabinets, their supplier, All Wood Cabinetry, makes solid wood products that are reasonably priced. The savings may not be as great as those you would find at Ikea or online, but the quality of the product will speak for itself. 

4.  Retailer Display Kitchen Cabinets

Whether it’s the big box store, or your local cabinetry shop, you can be sure that these retailers will always have kitchen cabinets on display. Displays are in a showroom for a reason: they are stylish visual examples of what your kitchen could look like. And if you end up buying that display, your kitchen will actually look like the one in the store because it is exactly the one you saw in the store showroom. It may take some shopping around, and a little negotiating, but you could end up with amazing cabinets at a much lower price. All it takes is for you to ask around.


These 4 secrets to find cheap kitchen cabinets in Mesa AZ are just of the few options available to you as you begin to plan your kitchen remodel or renovation. 

If you need more design ideas, or want to start your kitchen cabinet remodel today, Craftsman Cabinetry can help. Call us at 602-714-8200.

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