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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets in Gilbert AZ

The functionality, look, and feel of a kitchen is determined in large part by its cabinets. If you’ve been thinking about renovating or remodeling your kitchen, there’s a good chance you’ve wondered what to do with those old cabinets. Before you make any decisions, here are 5 questions to ask when choosing kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ:


1. Do you want a Civic or a Mercedes?

Buying kitchen cabinets is like buying a car – an economy sedan will do the same job as a luxury sedan, the difference is in the options. Think of what you want your cabinets to do, how you want them to look, and what you want to spend. More economic cabinets will store stuff just as nicely as high end cabinets. The options is what sets them apart, and there are plenty of options available: from custom built cabinets made to measure, all the way to ready–made cabinets. The biggest difference will be in the materials, design details, hardware, customization, and craftsmanship.


2. What Cabinet Type?

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and functionality. However, overall there are three types of kitchen cabinets: custom, semi–stock, and in–stock. Custom cabinets are built entirely to your measurements and needs, while semi–custom and in–stock cabinets are prefabricated.

Custom cabinets:

Have you ever seen a custom made dress or suit? That is exactly what you get when you opt for custom cabinets. Every inch of those cabinets is made to the measurement of your kitchen, and to your specifications according to needs or design style. Custom cabinets can be more expensive than the other two types, depending on your choice of material, hardware, and finish.  One thing to keep in mind is that the whole remodel may take longer because those cabinets are being built for you. Just the way you want them.

Semi-custom cabinets:

Semi–custom cabinets come in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, finishes, and designs. You select them from pre–fabricated designs with are off–site and must be shipped to your location. Though styling and customization is more affordable than outright custom cabinets, the biggest drawback of semi–custom cabinets is that the remodel job can take anywhere from 12 to 14 weeks.

In-stock cabinets:

This type of cabinet is the most economical of the three, come in standard sizes, and is sold off the shelf at your local home center. Because in–stock cabinets are ready–made, they are ready for installation in your kitchen. The advantage of these type of cabinets, besides their lower price range, is that it takes considerably less time to get the job done. Especially if you hire a professional to remove your old cabinets and install the new ones. 


3. How much will it cost?

Of the 5 questions to ask when choosing kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ, the most common question is: how much will it cost? The cost of kitchen cabinets is largely driven by the type of cabinets you choose, the material, the design, the finish, the hardware, and the level of customization. Without knowing what your choices will be from the myriad of options available, a professional will be unable to give an accurate quote. Hard and fast rules for determining cost should be taken with a grain of salt because prices can vary geographically.


4. When should I choose custom cabinets?

Typically custom cabinets are the preferred choice when the kitchen itself is built irregularly, or when the homeowner wishes to achieve a design style not available through other options. Affordability is a big factor in deciding whether to opt for custom cabinets. If you do decide to have cabinets custom made for your kitchen, you may still be able to keep the cost low by choosing materials and hardware that is less expensive. Again, it all depends on ultimate goal you have for your kitchen.


5. Built-in cabinets or open shelves? 

Homes with open floor plans tend to lose some of their flow when built–in cabinets have doors on them. Open shelves contribute to the openness of the floor plan, and the unobstructed visual flow of the home. Keep in mind that if you choose open shelves, whatever you put on them will be on display. Depending on how you organize your shelves, this can sometimes lead to a cluttered look on your kitchen walls. Built–in kitchen cabinets keep everything hidden behind closed doors, so there is no clutter out in the open. Remember that storages is the goal of shelves and cabinets, and whatever best fits your needs is the right choice for your kitchen.


These 5 questions to ask when choosing kitchen cabinets in Gilbert AZ, should help you narrow done which is the best choice for your kitchen. If you need more design ideas, or want to start your kitchen cabinet remodel today, Craftsman Cabinetry can help. Call us at 602-714-8200.

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