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5 Storage Secrets for Gilbert AZ Kitchen Cabinets

A beautiful kitchen is designed with uncluttered countertops in mind. When countertops are able to shine without obstruction, they kitchen feels spacious, clean, and welcoming. Yes, you can stuff everything in kitchen cabinets and drawers. But there are other creative ways to maximize your storage space. The following 5 storage secrets for Gilbert AZ kitchen cabinets will help you achieve uncluttered countertops.

1. Tilt-Out Tray
One of the best ways to keep countertops uncluttered, and maximize storage space, is to install tilt–out trays in your sink bases. These trays are handy for quickly storing sponges, scrubbers, and other cleaning utensils.
It may not seem like much, but this one little change goes a long way to declutter countertops.

2. Spice Storage
Double–sided pull out racks on wall cabinets make it easy to find spices, and keep them on hand when cooking. Being unable to find the spice you want to use when cooking for family or guests is the last thing you need in a kitchen.

Included in the 5 storage secrets for Gilbert AZ Kitchen Cabinets, is to install a spice drawer in one of the base cabinets. This can be combined with drawers under the cooktop to create a space for pots and pans. The more you organize, the less cluttered you will see.

3. Toe-Kick Drawer
The space between the floor and the bottom of cabinets is rarely used. This one area alone can extend your storage space. Toe kick drawers underneath the cabinets are ideal for serving trays, platters, and other kitchen wares that lay flat. You can use them to store placemats, party plates, rags, and more. Plus, it’s always fun to close something with your foot!

4. Trash Drawer
Once you’ve seen a trash drawer in action, you will wonder why they don’t come standard in every kitchen. Trash drawers keep garbage acns handy, while at the same time keeping them out of sight. This clever use of space eliminates the awkward situation of having a garbage can out in the open. Even better, trash drawers usually come equipped to hold two containers, one for trash and one for recycling. 

5. Mixer Stand
If you love to bake, then you most likely have a large mixer. The best solution to store large appliances like mixers is to install a stand which “hides” the mixer in one of the base cabinets, and pulls out and up flush with the countertop whenever you need to use it. This storage solution does triple duty because it provides a surface on which to work on when baking, it creates a dedicated storage space for the large mixer, and it saves you the effort of having to lift a large appliance.

These 5 storage secrets for Gilbert AZ kitchen cabinets are just some of the creative ways in which you can organize your kitchen and keep those countertops uncluttered. If you need more design ideas, or want to start your kitchen cabinet remodel today, Craftsman Cabinetry can help. Call us at 602-714-8200.

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