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9 Questions to Ask Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Gilbert AZ

If you were going to undergo a medical procedure, you would want to know as much as possible before going through with it. Kitchen renovations or remodels are no different. The more informed you are, the better equipped you will be to decide how to renovate or remodel your kitchen. These 9 questions to ask kitchen cabinet makers in Gilbert AZ will help you gather the best information.

1. What materials are the cabinets made of?

The material used to build your cabinets will determine how long those cabinets will last. Particle board may be cheap, but it will not last as long as solid wood.

2. How will you assemble the cabinets?

The process of assembling cabinets also plays a big part in how long they will last. Cabinets that are stapled together will not last as long as those which at glued and screwed.

3. How and where will the finish be applied to the cabinets?

The best place to apply the finish to cabinets is at the shop. This way you avoid chemicals being sprayed in your home. The manner in which the finish is applied to your cabinets will depend on what finish you chose, and the type of cabinets you want.

4. How are drawers and slide-out shelves made?

As with the cabinets themselves, it is good to know what materials will be used to make the drawers and shelves. Solid wood is the preferred material.

5. What Hardware will be used?

When people think of hardware, they only think of the visible knobs, and pulls. Remember that hardware includes hinges, and guides to open and close doors and drawers. Part of the 9 questions to ask kitchen cabinet makers in Gilbert AZ, includes asking what type of hardware will be used. Quality hardware opens and closes with ease, and lasts much longer.

6. What are my doors made of and what will the style be?

Again, quality cabinets will be made of quality materials. This includes the doors. You get to choose the style of doors you want. Make sure you also choose the material of the doors. You don’t want to have solid wood cabinets with doors that don’t last as long because they were made of another material. Also, make sure that the doors match the finish of the cabinets.

7. What accessories are available behind the doors?

You may want slide out drawers, shelves, trash bins, or other elements in your cabinets. Make sure to ask your cabinet maker what they offer, and ask to see samples or examples.

8. How long will the cabinets take to make and install?

This one question alone may determine which cabinet maker you hire.

9. Is the installation included?

When you contract a cabinet maker, make sure you clearly understand the extent of what is included in their service.

The next time you renovate or remodel your kitchen, remember these 9 questions to ask kitchen cabinet makers in Gilbert AZ. If you need more design ideas, or want to start your kitchen cabinet remodel today, Craftsman Cabinetry can help. Call us at 602-714-8200.

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