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Bedroom Storage Ideas Gilbert AZ

Tips for Better Storage

Your bedroom should be a place for relaxation and peaceful tranquility.  But that can be hampered by not having ample storage space for your clothes, shoes, purses, ties, socks, undergarments......the list goes on and on!  

Surprisingly, there may be several square feet of bedroom storage hidden right under your nose.......and furniture!  

The first one.......really is a no brainer!  Stick it under........the bed!  Now I dont mean just shove your clothes and shoes under the bed with no rhyme or reason.....but so much of the time we have this HUGE bed taking up all the room, but we hides a lot, and covers up a lot of space!  You can find under-bed containers that could hold summer clothes, or winter clothes......and switch them out in between seasons!  There are also drawer units available that fit under your bed or storage bins that will roll in and out!  You dont want to store clothes under your bed?  Then opt for it to be a place to store bags, backpacks and luggage.  


The second tip would be to make sure you are maximizing your closet space.  Before you run to the home store and buy a bulky dresser or armoire, make sure you are getting the most out of your closet space!  Before you draw up plans for a storage closet, go through and figure out what you actually plan on keeping in the space. Sometimes the simplest solution is adding more rods for hanging space.....or possibly moving existing rods to a more functional space.  Bedroom Storage Ideas Gilbert AZ

Lastly, make it a kid-friendly space.  Murphy beds are probably one of the best inventions when it comes to a small space to work with!  When the bed is up, there is ample space to play......and when it comes down, it can hide the toys!  Amazing!  If the need to storage happens to be a kid space, make storage fun and easily accessible for the kids.  A built-in chest can be a window seat, but also double as a place for blankets and stuffed animals.  Also, cubbies are great way to encourage organization with children, plus......they can see it!  Bedroom Storage Ideas Gilbert AZ

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