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Questions for Your Contractor or Remodeler

Finding a remodeler can be time consuming, and a difficult job.  After all, you are investing quite a bit of money in their direction.  You will want the best, and most affordable.  So here are some tips to point you in the right direction!

What is their business experience and management?  Ask these questions.  Do they maintain a permanent mailing address along with an email, personal phone, fax, and cell phone with voice mail?  Sounds crazy that you would even have to check these things, but there are so many out there who are not professionals. 

Do they carry the proper insurance?  They need to carry an insurance that protects you from liability.  Once you ask, make sure to also ask to see proof.

Does the contractor in question have an established presence in the community?  How long have they been in business under the name they are using?  Does the contractor have relationships that are in good standing with other contractors such as plumbing, and electric?  Do they work well as a team? 

Remember how I said not all contractors are created equal?  Well this next question is not mandatory that a contractor have, but is definitely a plus.  Have they earned any kind of certificate?  Maybe they are a Certified Graduate Remodeler, Certified Bath Designer, etc. 

Now lets move on to the Remodeler’s Construction and Technical Experience.  A remodeler needs to know the market they are working in.  Prices and availability of products change from city to city.  So they need to have knowledge of the area to provide a reliable estimate.  If you receive an extremely low bid, proceed with caution. 

Make sure to ask whether the remodeler will arrange for the building permit to proceed with the remodel.  If this is not done, not only will it cause a lot of trouble for him, but you as well.  It can end up costing you more money if things have to be moved or re-done. Best Contractor Gilbert AZ

Lastly, make sure the remodeler offers a warranty.  But also make sure you understand the warranty.  What does it cover?  How long does it last for? 

Make sure they agree to begin and complete the job in a timely manner.  Best Contractor Gilbert AZ

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