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Where to Begin


Need help finding a professional contractor for a remodeling job?  There are so many to choose from, but all contractors are not created equal.  Check out my previous article on this subject, Things to Consider when Hiring a Professional Contractor, for tips on what to look for.  After you have looked at those tips, here is where you begin!

First, get an idea of what you really are wanting out of the space.  Do your homework by looking through magazines, websites, etc.  Collect and save pictures of what you like (pinterest is a great tool for this).  If you do this, it will provide a clearer picture for your contractor.  Really think about patterns, furniture and its size, color, and lighting. 

After you have an idea of what you like, you need to set a budget.  There is a lot to consider in the budget, so make sure to find a guide that will help you not miss anything!  Will you have to borrow the money?  If so, talk to your bank or a lender and get the loan set in motion. 

You will be having to choose things anywhere from flooring, paints, cabinetry, fixtures, etc.  So seek referrals of contractors.  Some places to help you with that are local trade associations, friends, family, neighbors, suppliers, architects, and home inspectors. Best Contractor Mesa AZ

You should create a list of potential remodelers.  Once you have that list, check the names against consumer protection agencies to see if complains have ever been made against them.  If that’s clear, move on and check with your state’s licensing agency to see if they are licensed, or have received any complaints.   

When you are hiring a remodeler, you are not buying a product, but a service.  The quality of the service they provide will determine the quality of the finished product. Best Contractor Mesa AZ

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