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Best Counter tops Chandler AZ

Choosing the Best Counter Top For Your Remodel


Counter tops can be the main focal point of your kitchen.  If this is what you want, you will spend more money on them.  A stone counter top for instance, will make a huge statement, adding beauty and value to your home......while a laminate counter top is much cheaper and functional.  

Having a show piece countertop can dictate the design of the can base all decisions off that one piece. You can pick cabinetry, color scheme and furniture all that flow just with the counter top.  But remember, what you like, others may not.  So if you this isn't your forever home, consider resale when making large purchases.  

If you are on a budget, there are shortcuts you can take if you dont want to sacrifice beauty for price.  For example, there are different grades of granite you can choose from, usually graded 1-5.  If you are worried about budget, try finding a grade 2 rather than a grade 5. That way you will get a better return on your budget.  

While you can definitely substitute laminate for granite.......after all sometimes you can hardly tell the difference, remember there is a reason for the price difference.  Unlike granite, you can't place a hot pan directly on the surface of laminate.  Best Counter tops Chandler AZ

If its not in the budget to splurge on the entire counter top and island surfaces, consider doing a statement piece on the island alone.  Not only is this a great way to introduce design, but also can achieve an "expensive look" without breaking the bank.  Best Counter tops Chandler AZ

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