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Cabinet Remodel Gilbert AZ

Spruce Up Those Cabinets


Is your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or closets looking a little beat up?  Are your cabinets in need of a good face lift?  Sometimes we go to far and just rip everything out and think we have to start from square one…….where in reality, maybe our cabinets just need a good sprucing up! 

Replacing your cabinet doors is one of the most cost effective ways to change up your cabinets without breaking the bank or your back.  If you have made the decision to change them up, you first need to decide what kind of new doors you want.  Your options are custom, semi-custom, or RTA (ready to assemble).  You also need to decide if you want wood, veneer, laminate, or glass!  If you go the custom route, they will be designed by you and built to your exact specifications.  Semi are a good mixture of some prefab elements and some custom elements.  RTA cabinets already have the design in place and you buy them. 

To replace the doors, you have to take off the existing door, face frames and hardware.  You can choose to use the same hardware or new hardware.  New hardware can make a dramatic difference, so consider that if you are really wanting an updated look! Cabinet Remodel Gilbert AZ

Whatever doors you choose, make sure they match the boxes of the cabinets.  You don’t want two different colors going on. 

One other option to consider if you don’t want to replace all the cabinet doors, is to leave them off and just go with a “shelf” look.  This can create pops of color especially if you choose some unique dishes to display.  Cabinet Remodel Gilbert AZ

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