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Steps for Installing Glass in Cabinet Doors

Sometimes for homeowners, regular cabinet doors just don’t do the trick in kitchens.  You want it to pop a little bit more, but maybe you don’t want to jeopardize the integrity of the wood of the cabinets by painting them or changing the wood color.  A great solution, install glass as the cabinet door! 

So before you begin this process, there are a few tools/items you will need. 

*Tape Measure, glass cutter, straight edge, caulking gun, glazing points, small trowel/putty knife, glass panels, two tubes of clear silicone, and safety goggles.

So first things first, decide how many cabinet doors you want to replace.  Just a couple through-out or maybe just the upper cabinets?  However, many you decide, just remove the cabinet doors and lay them face-down on a protective surface. You will need to measure very carefully each opening.  Once you have that number, you need to subtract 3/16’’ from the width and height.

Now, step 2.  Use your glass cutter and straight edge and cut the glass to size.  Use the ball end of the glass cutter to break the piece along the seam you cut. 

Once you have done the cutting, you will need to run a bead of silicone around the inside edge of the opening of the cabinet door.  Press the glass pane into the opening, and make sure to wipe away any excess silicone as you go. Cabinet Styles Gilbert AZ

To have extra support, add push points to help secure the glass to the door.  Use a putty knife or trowel to push the spikes on the points into the wood.

Now you just need to let it dry REALLY WELL (at least a few hours) before you hang the cabinet door. Cabinet Styles Gilbert AZ

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