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Cabinet Styles Mesa AZ

What Style is Right For You


Designing a kitchen can be such a fun process!  Just knowing how fresh and clean it will be, to me, is almost the best part!  But actually being able to implement your own design and not just taking on someone else's, is so rewarding.  

So where do you start?  It is almost impossible to create the space you want without a vision in your head, then on paper!  And where do I always start?  There is this wonderful app called Pinterest!  If you don't have an account, GET ONE NOW!  You will not be disappointed.  It allows you to look up any idea you want, and then SAVE it to your profile!  It's amazing and truly one of the best inventions ever.

So what do you like?  Sleek and modern?  Or a rustic and homey look?   Start pinning any and every form of cabinets you like.......and after a while, a pattern will emerge and you will know what style to go with!  Did you pin lacquered finishes or floating shelves?  See!  Get a pinterest account!  

All these details will help guide your choices throughout the entire renovation project as well as help you set a budget.  Now most of us do not have the budget to do anything and everything we want, so you may have to scale back on some of your design plans for more of a budget-friendly choice, but if you like it.......and its cheaper, then GO YOU!

Now one of the bigger you want painted cabinets or stained?  Or maybe a mixture of both?  As a general rule, stained cabinets are usually more expensive than painted cabinets. Stained cabinetry must be made out of quality wood, whereas painted cabinets can be crafted from materials such as laminate or plywood----the paint will hide what is underneath.   Cabinet Styles Mesa AZ

So decide what you want and what works best for your space.......and get to it!  And remember.......get that Pinterest account!  Cabinet Styles Mesa AZ

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