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Cabinets for Condos Gilbert AZ

Condo Remodel

Most Condos do not compare to a traditional house.  So taking the right steps to remodel the condo, are extremely important.  If it is an older condo, with some history, preserving that history is something to really consider.  This can be done and still allow a space for the whole family to work, play and relax. 

For a family to really function well in a condo, probably one of the most important areas to update would be the kitchen, bathrooms, and possibly bedrooms (especially with kids!).


If the condo happens to be older, especially early 1900’s, chances are the kitchen was not integrated with the rest of the home.  Back then, the kitchens were made for a maid to be separate, and really were not made for family gatherings. 

Cabinets for Condos Gilbert AZ If the space you are dealing with is small, the main thing to consider would be function and storage.  In a lot of remodels of older spaces, to incorporate the kitchen into the space without compromising the integrity of the building, an archway can be added to bring the kitchen into the rest of the home.  Sometimes with older condo’s, knocking down walls or moving walls is just not an option. 

Choosing cabinets for the space are key to providing that function and storage needed.  Open shelves might be something to consider, especially if the space is quite small.  And if you choose to go dark with the cabinet color, make sure to bring a light element to the space by way of counter tops and flooring.  Dark cabinets, granite, and floor with make the space seem so much smaller.  White or Cream cabinets are often used in smaller spaces to make them feel larger.  Cabinets for Condos Gilbert AZ

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