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Can I Paint My Cabinets? Mesa AZ

Tips for Painting Cabinets

Sometimes staining old cabinets is not an option.  A lot of times, they aren't even real wood----but laminate.  If they are real might want to really consider if you want to paint them.  (Paint isn't always the BEST and smartest choice).  If the cabinets are laminate, painting is a great way to spruce those cabinets up!  If the laminate is plastic, you may need to consult a professional.  Plastic laminate is not the same as wood laminate.

Clean the cabinets really well.  The last thing you want is spiders and dust rolled into the fresh paint!  HGTV recommends using a solution made from one part tri-sodium phosphate and 4 parts water.  When you are done cleaning them, rinse the cabinets, but do not soak them.  Allow them to dry all the way before moving on to the next step.

Now we need to prep the wood.  The next step is to sand the surface of the cabinets.  If there is previous paint on the cabinets and it is in good condition, you don't need to sand it down to the bare wood.  Just rough it up a bit with the sander and make sure it is smooth.  After you are done sanding, make sure to vacuum up the dust.  

Next up, apply a primer-sealer to all the surfaces.  This is not a "mandatory" step, but one that will save you on paint for sure.  It will also allow for a more even look.  Just do a light coat and allow it to try completely.  Then paint them!  You can use spray (if its a very flat surface), a roller, or a paint brush.  Just make sure to watch drip spots, and go in the direction with the grain of the wood. Can I Paint My Cabinets? Mesa AZ

Now I always suggest putting a sealant on top of the paint.  This again is not necessary, but will help prevent the paint from chipping and make for easier wipe down.  
Once everything is dry, re-install the cabinets and enjoy your new look! Can I Paint My Cabinets? Mesa AZ

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