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Cheap Kitchen Renovation Chandler AZ

Saving On Cabinetry

Facing a remodel can be challenging.  If you are like most Americans, you need to save money in certain areas.  You can choose to not invest in expensive cabinetry, but remember that cabinets can last a LONG time.  So it is a good investment.  

Cabinetry prices can vary, but for sure some things that hike up the cost are delivery, tax, and installation.  All the extra's cost a pretty penny, too.  Drawers, roll-out trays, extra shelves.......possibly extending cabinets to the ceiling.....all these things add to the price tag.  Or do you have a corner that needs a cabinet?  Those are more money than just your traditional cabinet.  

So here are a few musts to consider when purchasing and choosing cabinetry.  Make it a priority to have a waste-recycling center.  Also, choose cabinets with soft close drawers and doors.  These used to be a luxury item but now they are almost a must for resale.  If you are going to splurge when it comes to cabinets, splurge on functionality.  Drawers in lower cabinets provide better storage access, and paying a bit more to have the cabinets extend up to the ceiling will give you  so much more storage.  

Another way to save money is on the actual cabinet material.  To most people, you could place a veneer cabinet next to one that is solid wood and most people can't tell you which is which.  With today's finishes, they can make them look super expensive without the huge price tag.

While buying a cheaper cabinet is okay, make sure the sides and shelving are constructed from plywood, not particle board.  Plywood will help keep the cabinets strong and help in resale value.  

One of the places not to try and "save" money on is installation.  That doesn't mean skip due diligence to find the best just means dont decide to pull a DIY!  Let the pros take care of it.......installing a kitchen is much more than hanging boxes on a wall.  Cheap Kitchen Renovation Chandler AZ

When planning your budget, it's best not to spend it on fancy drawer inserts.  You can buy those at any home store.  But consider spending on the pantry.  Pull out drawers and deep base cabinet drawers work so well in the pantry. Cheap Kitchen Renovation Chandler AZ

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