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Concrete Sinks Chandler AZ

Concrete Sinks, The New Alternative


A bathroom can make or break any home.  There is nothing quite worse than finding a home that you love, then walking in the bathrooms and GAG!  They have been neglected, and really lack character and appeal. 

If you plan to remodel, one of the best places in the home you can get a big return on investment is the bathrooms.  Whether it’s the guest powder room or the master suite, putting some effort and sprucing it up is well worth it!  A bathroom is a place where your creative style can run a bit wild!  Paint those walls a vibrant color….and yes, maybe decide to put in a concrete sink!  Yes, you hear me right……. concrete!  That stuff isn’t just for driveways anymore!  Its customizible and extremely durable, eco-friendly, and surprisingly stylish!  

Concrete is something that is molded, not cut, so it can be designed anyway you like, as long as a mold can be made!  It can be rough, sleek, traditional, contemporary……really, whatever you want it to be!  How about a flower?  A huge bowl?  And you can add things to do like pebbles, colorful glass, small tiles, sea shells!  It also can be painted any color you like, or even stained to give it a subtle color. Concrete Sinks Chandler AZ

Probably one of the best advantages to a concrete sink is it requires zero to low maintenance.  There are no seams, therefor trouble spots for dirt and mildew do not exist.  And all you need to clean it is some mild soap and water.  

Obviously nothing is completely durable, so if it ever needs repaired, patching and resealing it is very simple.  Concrete sinks are affordable, especially if you compare the price to those made from other substances.  Concrete Sinks Chandler AZ




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