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Faux Beams Gilbert AZ

Faux Beams.......Yes!  They Do Exist! 


I was just in a home give away on Sunday here in Monroe, Louisiana.  St. Jude’s hospital is doing a raffle, and giving away several homes in Louisiana.  I happen to live in Monroe, and this house is 2 minutes from mine, and a beautiful area.  So after church on Sunday, the kids and I piled in the minivan and drove to go view it.  (Hey!  We can dream, can’t we?).  Well, it really blew me away!  And probably my FAVORITE piece was the beams!  I just LOVE how those are making their way back into design.

Having beams in the kitchen, living area, or deck area just makes a statement and adds such a beautiful touch to a home.  And I don’t know if you realize, but a lot of the time, especially in the average prices homes, those beams are not real wood, but faux wood! 

Faux wood is making a huge comeback, and not just in flooring! It’s found in beams, mantels, exterior siding, wall/ceiling planking……everywhere! 

Using a faux wood beam in your remodel will add such character, and truly are cheap, lightweight, and easy to life and install!  They can be cut with just a simple handsaw and can be painted or stained to whatever color you desire! Faux Beams Gilbert AZ

Repairing these faux wood beams is fairly simple.  A simple crack can be splinted and glued, and gaps or hold can be filled with wood filler or caulk, then just painted over! 

So if you are considering remodeling and can put it in the budget, consider using faux beams! 


And btw, the drawing is THIS Sunday……..if I win that house, I will be shouting it from the rooftops!  Faux Beams Gilbert AZ

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