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Home Improvement Consequences


Updating your home is a no brainer if you have the funds…… long as you do your research, most likely you will have a good return on your investment.  If the home is older, chances are, a lot needs to be changed.  But changing things, while it looks nicer, can be quite annoying….mainly because a lot of the new things that are popular, bring on the noise. 


Flooring is a big contributor to a noisy home.  Several years ago we lived in Flagstaff, Arizona and had a home there.  It was a manufactured home, that well……was a bit gross.  But it had potential.  First thing I did was rip out the nasty carpet and cheap linoleum and in its place went some beautiful laminate wood floors.  But boy was it  NOISY!  I know a lot of that came from the “manufacture” home party, but also a great deal, from the floors.  I will never forget laying in my bed one morning, and my 3 year old racing across the house to my bedroom…..his feet just “pitter pattering” through the house.  Home Remodel Gilbert AZ

Traditional hardwood, laminate, and ceramic tile floors are all very popular, attractive, and practical in a home.  But you will hear the high heels, pet’s claws, noisy toys a WHOLE lot more.  Rugs help a lot in cutting down the noise, but if you are really worried about it, consider floating hardwood, cork, or concrete flooring instead.  Of course carpet dulls noise quite a bit, but if you are like most people, carpet is less appealing then having that “clean” look of wood or tile. 


In older homes you find a lot of split floor plans that are closed off.  Maybe the kitchen is tucked away in the back of the house, or the dining room isn’t opened to the rest of the house.  Now when people remodel, it is all about opening up the space and going for an open floor plan in the house.  When you do that your home becomes light and airy, flows nicely, and is more inviting.  But an open floor plan creates a whole lot of noise as well.  The noise tends to spread, instead of disappear.  So, when you are transforming your rooms, consider soft furnishings and sound absorbent drapes.  And in the kitchen, opt for appliances with a low sone rating.  And if you can spring for it, consider soft-close cabinets to help keep the house quiet.  Home Remodel Gilbert AZ

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