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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets Chandler AZ

Installing Cabinets Made Easy


Sometimes in a remodel, we need to save some money.  There are so many places you can choose to save money, by DIY (Do it Yourself).  Now if this is your first project, I do not suggest trying to tackle installing cabinets.  But if you are pretty handy and have some good help, you might just be able to save some money by installing the kitchen cabinets yourself! 

Here is a list of what you will need to get the project started! 

*cabinets (check out *metal screws *shims *1/2’’ plywood *Screwdriver or drill *carpenter’s pencil *clamps *level

So, step one!  In order to make things a little easier on yourself and your helpers, take out all the cabinet drawers and remove the cabinet doors.  Make sure you mark them as you go (cabinet #1 goes with door #1, etc.)  Doing this will make the cabinets and drawers so much lighter, making it easier to install.

Next you need to find the studs in the wall.  Studs are usually placed every 16’’, but it may be different in your home.  Make sure to mark where they are as you go.  Now if your cabinets aren’t going all the way to the ceiling, you will need to measure from the ceiling and make a line where the cabinets will be placed.  (use your level and make sure the line is level and even all the way across.)

Now onto installing.  You want to hang the upper cabinets first.  If you hang the lower ones first, they will be in the way of trying to install the uppers.  Grab that partner you recruited, and work together.  The cabinets can be heavy.  Use a ledger board to help you can the upper cabinets…..this will also help keep them straight. 

Level your line and screw a ledger board along it.  Together lift the cabinet into place and hold it steady. Sink two screws into each stud behind the cabinet.  Put one screw on top and the other on the bottom.  This will ensure that the cabinet is secure.  If your cabinet only falls across one stud, you need to use a toggle bolt to help secure it.  Drilling a screw into the drywall to hold the cabinets WILL NOT work. 


When you are installing the lowers, probably the most difficult cabinet to install is the sink cabinet.  You need to measure the plumbing area and where it will hit/fit into the cabinet and mark it.  Cut along the marks and lift the cabinet very carefully into place. 


You may need to adjust the cabinet to so that it meets flush with the other cabinets.  Use a level and shims.  Then use quick clamps to secure them into place.  Then pre-drill holes along where the cabinets will attach to one another.  Sink a screw into those holes. 


Place shims into the space between the wall and the sink cabinet, along the stud line.  Use drywall screws and screw them into the wall, through the shims, to secure the cabinet in place. How to Install Kitchen Cabinets Chandler AZ


If there are gaps where the cabinets meet the wall (this happens quite often), preserve the gaps.  Walls are often very uneven.  The gaps will keep the front of the cabinets flush and will be covered later when you install counter tops. How to Install Kitchen Cabinets Chandler AZ

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