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How to Stain My Cabinets Mesa AZ

Staining Your Cabinets


Are you in the mood to do some DIY projects around the house?  Maybe something small you could do in a day?  Staining cabinets might just be right up your ally!  Now…….you wont be able to do your kitchen cabinets in a day, but maybe your bathroom is more realistic! 

So first things first, you will need to gather all your supplies.  So make a trip down to your local hardware store and get everything you need!  My suggested list you will need is as follows:  Sander, grit paper, stain, paint brush, towels, and screwdriver. 

Remove the cabinet doors, drawer faces, handles, and other hardware.  Now this is VERY important…..make sure to label EVERYTHING!  An example……..hardware #1 goes with door #1 and cabinet box #1.  Do not skip this step. 

So once you have done that, you get to sanding.  You must sand off all the existing finish.  ALL of it.  If you miss some, you will not have that finished, professional look.  Not getting off all that old stain can result in drips and bubbles, which will lead to you having to sand all over again.  So just get it all the first time!  You will need to use a heavy grit sandpaper for the first sanding.  The lower the number on the grit paper, the heavier the grit is.  Once you have sanded the surface, wipe away all the dust particles and switch to a light/super fine sandpaper (220 grit). 


Again, wipe away any dust particles with a clean damp cloth.  Now onto the stain! I find it best to use an old rag/sock.  Whatever you choose, just make sure it won’t leave lint behind.  Dip the cloth into the stain and rub onto the wood.  Go WITH the grain.  Get an even coat all over the wood, and allow it to dry.  The stain will darken as it dries.  Once it dries, if you still would like it to be darker, repeat the process and stain it again. How to Stain My Cabinets Mesa AZ


When you are done staining, let it dry completely.  Most stain contains a sealant of polyurethane.  If the stain you chose did not, I recommend putting at least one coat of poly to seal the cabinets and protect them. 

Now this is when the labeling in the beginning comes in handy.  Start reassembling the cabinets!  How to Stain My Cabinets Mesa AZ

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