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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chandler AZ

Cabinet Pulls

Are you headed in the direction of a kitchen remodel?  Maybe you are now having to consider what options and solutions you need to take in your brand-new kitchen or redesigned kitchen.  Or possibly you just want to spruce up your cabinets and create a new visual impact to your cabinets.  If so, changing to kitchen cabinet pulls may be an easy and inexpensive addition to your kitchen.  

Pulls and handles are cabinets are often referred to "hardware" but this term can be deceiving.  There are so many pulls that are not made of metal, but now wood, rope, or plastic.  

Choosing cabinet pulls can be easily decided by the overall design of your kitchen.  If your kitchen is sleek and modern design, you'll most likely want to stick with an angular or bar-style pull.  If your kitchen happens to be eclectic or have an antique or vintage look, you definitely have more freedom to choose unique cabinet pulls.  Some unique ones to consider would be hand painted, vintage typesetting or monograms.  

If your cabinets feature woodworking or a very distinct design, you may prefer to keep the hardware more simple with a traditional knob-style pull.  The nice thing is, even these knob-styles are now available in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes.  Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chandler AZ

You can also mix and match styles when it comes to kitchen cabinet pulls.  One unique way of doing this is to use one style for low cabinets and drawers and then another style that compliments for the high cabinets above the counter tops.  Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chandler AZ

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