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10 Questions To Help You Choose The Best Cabinets 

A Kitchen Remodel can be such a daunting task, and a bit overwhelming to the average person.  There is so much to consider, and with it being one of the most costly upgrades in a kitchen, it needs special consideration.  So to help you out, we've compiled ten questions to ask yourself that should make choosing the best cabinetry a bit easier on yourself!

So the first five questions can be divided into the "NEEDS" category.  

* What is my cabinetry budget? *Does the current layout work for me? *Can I salvage any of the existing cabinets? *Does my space have any quirks or weird angles I need to work around? *Do I have enough storage?

The second set of questions can be divided into the "WANTS" category.

*What look am I going for? *Do I want painted or stained? *Am I open to a mix of open/closed cabinets? *What do I want the profile of the cabinet to look like? *Do I want or need any "bells and whistles"? 

I'm not going to get into every single point......just the first two which are really the most important.  

Now, practical matters should always be considered first......that means, take a look at the first five questions and address those first.  So the first one on the list, budget. You probably have an "overall" budget for the renovation, but it needs to be broken down to specifically for cabinets. Kitchen Layout Chandler AZ 

Next consider the layout.  Does it function well already?  When you are doing a complete remodel, you have the option of moving things around, for example, the gas range or sink.  Keep in mind that this part effects the budget.  If you choose to move things around, realize that the budget will change.  Kitchen Layout Chandler AZ

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