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Luxury Bathroom Remodel Chandler AZ

Bathroom of Luxury


I’m sure you have figured it out by now, but trends come and go…….in clothing, shoes, hairstyles….and homes.  Some of the styles will last only a short time, yet others…..are here to stay.  The reason for this is because it is attractive, practical, or both!  So the trend that is staying? That would be separate bathtubs and showers.

What is more luxurious than walking into a bathroom with a gorgeous claw foot tub, and beautifully tiled shower?  Your bathroom can be remodeled into an in-home spa.  Having separate tubs and showers even offers an architectural element to the space, showing off a unique tub or dramatic glass with intricate tile work in the shower.  Having a separate showers allows for non-slip tile, plenty of elbow room, and even a bench.  With the tub, you can have a huge soaking space, Jacuzzi jets, and best of all, an open space not closed off with a glass door or shower curtain.  Talk about increasing buyers……..create a spa experience in your own home.  Luxury Bathroom Remodel Chandler AZ

Having a separate shower and tub has a lot to offer, with the main advantage being choice.  Sometimes you don’t have time to take a nice long bubble bath, instead, maybe you need to zoom quickly in the shower.  Either way, the choice is yours.  Speaking of choice, it also enables couples to have more flexibility.  Perhaps the wife loves to take baths, while the husband prefers a shower….and guess what?  You don’t have to wait for the other person to finish.    Luxury Bathroom Remodel Chandler AZ

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