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Must Haves in Kitchen Remodel Gilbert AZ

When to Splurge & When to Save


Your kitchen is one of the places that will show others how you live.  It’s a place in the house where you can put not only expensive touches, but handmade and thoughtful touches as well. 

There are no hard-fast rules where to spend the money when remodeling a kitchen.  How you splurge and where you save money is entirely up to you and what is most important to you. 

Are you a gourmet cook or baker?  You may be able to justify spending a great deal on appliances---you can get away with splurging on that professional range. 

Or maybe you like to entertain?  You may be drawn to splurge on a warming drawer and wine cooler. 

Then there is the busy family.  If you this is you, you may splurge on storage, storage, storage!  Having beautiful cabinets filled with ample storage is what you would want. 

Lastly one thing to consider in splurging or saving is resale value.  Do you want to get a nice return on investment for your project?  Or is this the home you plan on staying in forever? 

The best thing to do is think about how you use your kitchen……and put your money there. Must Haves in Kitchen Remodel Gilbert AZ

If the kitchen you are wanting to remodel you plan to live in for the next 10 years, and you can’t afford certain materials right now, consider a “placeholder”.  What I mean by this is rather than installing granite counter tops today, choose a laminate that looks very similar……. it’s at least half the cost and can stand in its place until your budget allows you to splurge on that granite. Must Haves in Kitchen Remodel Gilbert AZ

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