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Refacing Cabinets Chandler AZ

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets


Refacing cabinets is essentially the same thing as resurfacing.  It is just the process of giving your existing cabinets a facelift……. a fresh and clean new look! 

If your cabinets are made with laminate or wood veneers you can change the style, color, or wood type.  Do you have those 70’s Avocado green cabinets?  If so, you can easily change them and transform them to the 21st century.  Maybe a sleek white, or dark cherry?  Within just a matter of days your cabinets can make your kitchen look like its been completely remodeled with little to zero hassle, cost, and mess that a full remodel would bring! 

Now you can keep the existing box of the cabinet, but you will need to replace the doors, drawer faces and side panels to have the most complete look.  And since you are replacing things….you may even want to consider replacing the hardware.  Sometimes changing out the handles and hinges can add such “life” to old cabinets. 

This DIY project is fairly easy…….although you can certainly hire a professional if you choose to.  Either way, you need to decide if you want the new cabinets to be with laminate, RTF’s or wood veneers. 

Laminate is a hard plastic that has been processed that will stick to the existing cabinet boxes with just some simple adhesive.  Some laminate already comes coated with adhesive, it is just slightly more expensive.  Laminate does not “mold” well, so it is best suited for plain style cabinets. Refacing Cabinets Chandler AZ

RTF’s, also known as Rigid Thermofoils, are vinyl foil that is pressure molded and is more giving then laminate.  Because of this, it can cover more intricate designs.  The wood grain on RTF’s is very real looking and can be very beautiful. 

Lastly, the choice of wood veneers.  Wood veneers are actual real wood.  It will come in different sheet sizes to fit your cabinets.  Like laminate, it is put on with adhesive…and also can be bought with the adhesive already put on. Refacing Cabinets Chandler AZ

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