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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Gilbert AZ

Brand New Kitchen

So several years ago while I was living in Flagstaff, AZ......I decided to refinish my kitchen cabinets.  Now.......of course I couldn't JUST do the cabinets.....I needed a whole kitchen remodel.......but I'll talk about that some other time.  

So these cabinets........they were SO GROSS.  Flagstaff is a SUPER expensive place to live.  So we were forced to purchase a manufactured home that was 10 years old.......but it was placed like a house (fenced in yard, driveway, etc).  And cost us $170,000.  Crazy right?  Anyway, back to the cabinets.  They were these old fashioned "oakey" look.....with brass handles.  Not only did they look bad, but they had this layer of grease on them that was unbelievable.  They just had to go, I couldn't take it anymore!  

I had done some small refinishing jobs----but nothing quite like this.  But I was determined this kitchen could be great with just a little elbow grease.  
So first things have to take them off.  The BEST way to do this is with 2 people.  But if you dont have your hubby or friend around, you'll do just fine. GET ORGANIZED!  Don't just start taking them off with zero plan in mind.  Get some ziplock baggies for hardware....some blue tape and a marker. Start on one end and label everything.  For example, cabinet ONE.  Put a piece of tape with the number ONE on the shelf the cabinet came off of, the actual cabinet door, and the ziploc that you sealed the hardware into.  Trust me......if you dont do this, they will be a pain to put back up.  

Once every cabinet is off, clean them.  Water and soap should work just fine.  If you want to use some sort of stripper, you can.  I didn't.......they were cheap cabinets! 
Now onto painting them.........I chose a beautiful ivory color.  Use a small roller or paint brush. Go with the grain of the wood.  It took me about 3 coats to get a nice even look.  Let it dry completely before each coat of paint.  

After its dry and they look great, you want to seal them.  Now this is very important.  With a light color of paint you need to choose a WATER BASED polyurethane.  An oil based will yellow the light paint.  You can just use one coat.......just make sure no one touches them while they are drying.  Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Gilbert AZ 

Now onto the hardware.......I just chose to spray paint mine black.  It was to expensive at the time to but that many handles.  

Once everything is dry, follow your organizing skills you used previously, and put it all back together!  

Amazing right?  I think this cost me..........$50?  Not to shabby!  Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Gilbert AZ 

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