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Remodel Bedroom Gilbert AZ

Redoing Your Kid’s Space


You would think decorating and remodeling a child’s room would be easy……splash of color, posters of animals on the walls, the biggest toy box you can find, and your done……right?  IF ONLY!  Kids, especially more now than ever, and people, too with their own ideas and preferences!  So if you are planning a remodel for your child’s room, take all of these topics into consideration!


Most kids lean towards bright colors, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But the best way to use bright colors is to temper them with soft shades as well in the room.  Too much brightness can make it hard on the eyes for one…..and also difficult for children to sleep!  It seems like the trend lately is to do away with blues and pinks, and go with more gender-neutral colors like a spring green or sunny yellow.  And think long term when it comes to choosing a paint.  Get the best interior latex paint, if often will last 10 years, if not longer.  Accent walls are a great thing to consider, kid’s as well as adults seem to love them. Remodel Bedroom Gilbert AZ


The number one struggle with parents…….arranging the room to encourage them to play in it, but discourage pure chaos.  Best way to do that is think organization.  That toy box’s that is so deep you have to dump everything out to find the small little toy, are horrible.  Instead, opt for smaller bins and baskets. Containers are a must for keeping dolls, blocks, Legos, and puzzles organized and easy to find.   One of the BEST tips out there is to rotate toys.  Put half of them in a basement or garage.  This not only helps with keeping things organized, but also keeps down the clutter.  For ultimate storage, bay windows are fantastic.  Not only can this type of design be appealing to future home buyers, but it also can function as a fantastic storage area that can grow with the child. 


Children seem to be growing up and gaining their independence earlier than they used to.  So letting kids have a bit of privacy is something to really consider.  If the square footage in the room is big enough, you may want to consider a mini bedroom remodel to accommodate 2 kids.  Choosing the right type of bed can go a long way in creating individual privacy areas.  Consider maybe built in loft beds.  Super fun for the kids, but also a way to have their own privacy and space.  Remodel Bedroom Gilbert AZ

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