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Remodeling Cabinets Mesa AZ

A Real Show Stopper

So several years ago I was blessed and given a gorgeous upright piano.  I started looking for one once I saw a cousin of mine post of Facebook the finished product of her painted piano. I about died and went to heaven.  It was yellow.......and beautiful!  So I set out on a journey to find one.  Let me tell wasn't hard to find one pretty inexpensive......but moving it?  Holy Cow!  Luckily for me, in the nice town of Flagstaff, AZ, we had a group of Fire Fighters who had a side business of moving heavy things!  Yay!  

So once I got it home......what to do with it?  Do I sand it down and restain it and make it as natural as possible?  Nope.......Not what I wanted!  I wanted it to be a decoration piece in my home (I do play.......but still!).  I finally settled on this beautiful Agave Blue........

So I got busy!  I cleaned it really well with soap and was pretty pretty dirty!  Then I bought some handy dandy wood filler and filled in some of the big scratches and nicks.  Sanded that down once it had hardened......and then onto paint!

For this project I chose to make my own Chalk Paint.  I'm a pinterest addict, so I found a recipe on there and let me tell you!  Simple and the best!  I use it all the time.  Once I got the paint ready, I just started painting!  A little tip......always go with the grain of the wood.  I used a paint brush on this project.....I just prefer it.  But a small roller would work on the flat parts just fine.  

Now this big beauty took about 2 coats.  And once it was was beautiful. was missing something.  So i got out one of my hand held sanders (just the block ones) and started scraping off and peeling paint in random places.  Remodeling Cabinets Mesa AZ 

BEST IDEA!  It aged the piano.......brought out the beauty of the wood underneath the paint and made the detailing pop!  Remodeling Cabinets Mesa AZ 

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