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Remodeling My Home Mesa AZ

Deciding What Works Best


Considering a remodel of the bathroom?  There are several things to really consider, but what to focus on, when it comes to the bathroom, is figuring out what and how you use the space. 

You will determine what your existing space lacks, but while you are doing that, design your dream space.  What a designer can do is take your dream space and if need be, engineer back to actually make it fit in the budget and space.  It may seem backwards, but at least doing this will allow you to incorporate all the elements you want as opposed to adding them later. 

After you have designed your dream space, you have to make choices on what features you need vs what features you can afford.  Let all the extras remain on your wish list.  That way, if you decide to do the bathroom remodel in phases, you can pull from your wish list and incorporate some of those special designs slowly.  

So start with the essentials; space, layout, and appliances/fixtures.  All of this will really depends on what bathroom in the home you are remodeling.  Most homes have several bathrooms and each one serves a different purpose.  I am of the opinion that the master bath comes in 2nd when determining the most important space in the home.  First being the kitchen. 

While the master bath has its place, the full bath is often the “family bathroom”.  This is typically used by children.  So function will trump fashion.  Your toddlers will care more about if they can actually reach the sink more than the granite counter tops and what type of sink you actually have. 

You will then have half baths or three quarter baths.  A half bath consists of just a toilet and a sink and maybe some cabinets for storage. But the three quarter bath can actually be used as a normal bathroom. While both are a great space in a home, the half bath would probably be where you might want to spend a little bit more money.  The half bath, or powder room, is where guests will find themselves and it is usually a place that is located close by your living space.  Choosing to use this space as a punch of design will give guests a “sneak preview” of what the home has to offer. Remodeling My Home Mesa AZ

So the ultimate question on “how do you use your bathroom” really depends on which bathroom you are focusing on for the remodel. Remodeling My Home Mesa AZ

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