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Renovation on a Budget Scottsdale AZ

Salvaging Kitchen Cabinets

So you are getting ready to start a remodel on your kitchen.  It's not terrible, but.......definitely could benefit from some change.  

Sometimes the existing cabinetry is still in great shape......its the counters/back splash/ or color of the cabinets that need to be changed.  So do not assume you need to throw it all away and start from scratch!  Just simply changing out the doors of the cabinets or the hardware can make such a difference!  Or maybe just a coat of paint or re staining will spruce them up?  There are so many options to try before just starting over!  

Another great idea to switch up the look of your cabinets and will save you money, is to replace some of the cabinet doors with glass ones!  Or you can even replace some of the doors with just open shelving and remove the door completely.  

Now with all that being said, some cabinets are just not worth saving.  Some are just plain ugly or falling apart, or scratched so bad that to fix them up would be not only time consuming, but costly.  If you cabinets happen to be in good shape, often times the best thing to do is somewhere in the middle of salvaging what you can, rearranging the cabinetry so that it works with your new vision, and filling in the gaps with new pieces.  Renovation on a Budget Scottsdale AZ

These simple things are really worth considering when it comes to a kitchen renovation.  With a little imagination, you might just not break the bank, and you WILL fall in love with your new kitchen!  Renovation on a Budget Scottsdale AZ

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