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The Cost of Cabinet Installation in Gilbert AZ

Cabinets are in many ways the highlight feature of a kitchen, whether it’s in a newly built home, or a remodel of an existing one. While modern cabinet designs allow you to choose and customize kitchen cabinets that will reflect your personal style and taste, there are some general costs that you should considered when deciding to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. The costs of cabinet installation in Gilbert AZ are by no means fixed, and can vary depending on the choices you make, and the type of kitchen design you want. There are four major factors that contribute to the cost.

1. Removing Old Cabinets

When a kitchen is being remodeled or renovated, the very first step is to remove the existing cabinets. The old cabinets must be removed from the wall and hauled away. Homeowners who are experienced in DIY home projects like this one, may opt to take on the task themselves. Because this type of project tends to be very labor intensive, and can take up a lot of time, the best option is to hire professionals to complete the removal of cabinets. Experienced professionals can remove cabinetry without damaging walls or appliances. The cost of removal will depend on the size and weight of the cabinets.

2. Building Customized Cabinets

One of the biggest factors that goes into the price of cabinets is whether they are ready–made, or custom. Ready–made cabinets do not have the added cost of material and labor that goes into custom cabinets. The biggest benefit of custom cabinets is that they are constructed to the exact measurements in your kitchen, and will fit better than ready–made cabinets. This does not mean that ready–made cabinets won’t fit your kitchen space. Should you decide to install custom cabinets in your kitchen, the costs can be reduced in the selection of materials.

3. Ready–Made Cabinets

For the more price conscious homeowner, ready–made cabinets are an affordable alternative to custom cabinets. This option greatly reduces the cost of cabinet installation in Gilbert AZ. Ready–made cabinets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and designs. This means homeowners will not struggle to find the perfect fit for their home, and  can get almost the same customization as having cabinets custom built, but at a much lower price. The biggest factor in price is the overall size of the kitchen.

4. Cabinet Installation

One last factor to consider when calculating the cost of cabinet installation in Gilbert AZ is the installation of the cabinets. Professionals can safely and securely install cabinets once they’ve been purchased and delivered to your home. The cost of the installation itself will depend on how quickly the remodel or renovation needs to be completed.

Homeowners looking to renovate or remodel their kitchen will have a better understanding of what the final cost will be when they consider the four factors mentioned above. The best way to get an accurate estimate of the cost of cabinet installation in Gilbert AZ is to talk to a professional. 

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