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Upgrade My Home To Sell Mesa AZ

Noisy Remodel


Improving homes is a major passion of North Americans these days.  There is that saying, your home is your castle……so why not fix up the place where you go to relax, have parties, and spend time with your friends and family.  Home Improvement is a major investment, but not all home improvements are made equal……hence, the noise factor. 


It’s convenient, easy to use, and an inexpensive way to put up brand new walls when you are remodeling.  As great as this product is, it is not effective when it comes to sound absorbency.  To help with cutting down the noise, include in your wall a core of fiberglass batt insulation, or layer a sound resistant drywall.  Upgrade My Home To Sell Mesa AZ

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are used in small places like condos, and tiny homes,  They are a great way to save on that square footage, which is precious in a small space.  However convenient these are, you can’t insulate the cavity that the installation will create.  Put the pocket doors in a small bathroom remodel, and use conventional doors in a home office. 

Popcorn ceiling

It was a thing in the 70’s… what most homeowners think when they see popcorn ceilings.  And yes, it is outdates and quite ugly.  Scarping that popcorn off will update your home, but it will also make the rooms echo.  The reason it became popular in the first place was because it is a sound absorbent ceiling material.  If you must get rid of the look, try acoustic ceiling tiles over top of it.  Upgrade My Home To Sell Mesa AZ

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