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Water Proofing Your Cabinets Mesa AZ

Water Proofing Your Bathrooms


Water is a necessity in a bathroom…….. everything we need to do in there cannot be done without water.  So that makes bathrooms, by nature, a wet space.  But there are things you can do to make sure that water doesn’t leak through walls and other places to cause mold and damage.  To avoid these issues, make sure to waterproof your bathroom walls, floors, cabinets, and ceilings.

First the cabinets.  Now most well-made cabinets, especially if they are wood, are already made to be water proofed.  But if you happen to refinish your cabinets, or use say, an old vanity, there are steps you need to take to make sure the cabinet will hold up to a moisture area.  If you have recently refinished your cabinets with stain, most stain contains a sealant to protect against moisture.  However, if you painted them, you will need to apply a polyurethane (several coats) to protect the paint from bubbling or peeling when moisture hits it.  Same rule applies to an old vanity you may have in your bathroom.  Make sure whatever it is, that it is well covered in a water proof polyurethane.


If you happen to be remodeling your bathroom, you must make sure that behind the walls a moisture barrier is installed before the wall is finished.  As long as this is done, it will keep water droplets from getting to the wall material.  Most wallboard is rated for a moist environment.  Also make sure that you, or whoever is handling your remodel, seals the walls. Water Proofing Your Cabinets Mesa AZ

The best floor material to use in a bathroom is tile.  Other flooring can be used in a bathroom, but most likely you will have some water damage after time.  Buy tile that is slip resistant and also have the installer use larger grout lines.  This allows for better traction.  Also, grout needs to be sealed at least every year.  Water can get into the grout, so take proper action in preventing this. 

Lastly, make sure to select waterproof paint for the ceiling.  When a home is built, it is required that the bathroom have a vent that with usher out moist air……but if you are remodeling, make sure you don’t leave the vent out!  It is a must in any bathroom. Water Proofing Your Cabinets Mesa AZ

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