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Faux Wood for not so Faux Homes


Real wood has made a huge comeback in recent years.  You now find it in décor, flooring, building materials, accents…..the use is really endless.  A rustic ceiling beam is now something home owners lust over placing in their living rooms, kitchens…..and well, lets be honest……anywhere really. 


As charming as real wood can be, sometimes, especially in a costly remodel, it isn’t always an option, or at least the most affordable option.  Faux woods have really come a long way, and truth be told, some faux woods could pass EASILY as real wood. 


Faux wood might turn out to be the best choice you can make for your flooring, deck, decorative beam or panel projects!  And did you know that all though the turn “faux” means fake, that Faux Wood actually contains a high percentage of real wood, usually in the form of recycled pre-consumer waste.  It is a great eco-friendly alternative when you can’t get the real deal.  laminate flooring Chandler AZ


The most common type of faux wood, is laminate.  Laminate is made from several layers and then has a moisture barrier on the bottom.  Other layers will consist of recycled wood fiber, veneer, and a melamine finished top. 


The advantages in choosing laminate are huge when you consider the cost of hardwood.  Laminate is available with a good scratch, sun and moisture resistance material and is really easy to maintain.  Skip the polishing and buffing!  Most laminate flooring will last at least 15 to 25 years.  laminate flooring Chandler AZ

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