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laminate flooring Mesa AZ


Laminate for Decks and Railings


Sometimes using real wood in a remodel is just not an option.  Most of the time, it is the cost that keeps people from going that route.  And honestly, sometimes Faux wood may just be the right direction anyway! 

Using Faux wood for an outdoor space, like a deck, porch, or railings is a lot cheaper and actually easier to install than regular hardwood.  So much of the time we think because it isn’t “real” wood (that’s actually not totally true) that it wont be able to withstand the elements.  Extreme heat and cold as well as rain and hail/snow are no match for a good Faux wood.  And what is even better when using it outdoors, those pesky termites do not find it near as appetizing. 

Faux wood is being produced in better looking forms, and sometimes you can’t tell the difference between the faux and real when it comes to a porch.  That glamour redwood deck might just be possible with some of today’s faux wood materials. laminate flooring Mesa AZ

Faux wood decking is actually very environmentally friendly and is made of a composite (soda bottles, milk jugs, plastic bags, and even some wood fiber).  So for all you conscientious consumers who faithfully recycle, it is making its way into products! 

When choosing a faux wood, whether it is for indoor use or outdoor use, you get what you pay for.  So some of the cheaper versions of laminate may look cheap and not stack up to the real deal.  Sometimes laminate it hard to fix, since after all, it can not be sanded down and re-stained like real wood.  However, usually the manufacture will sell touch up and repair kits and as long as the wood is made up of individual planks, replacing a damaged piece is quite easy.  laminate flooring Mesa AZ

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